Exergy System Saver Improved Metering Valve – 6.7 Powerstroke (2011-2019)




Exergy System Saver Improved Metering Valve

Features & Details:

  • Two Layer Stainless Screen
  • Capture Debris up to 25 Microns
  • Minimize Damage and Downtime


Exergy Performance’s improved Inlet Metering Valve is cost effective insurance for the failure prone CP4.2 pump. Exergy has developed this innovative design to help minimize further damage to the factory fuel system, which can cost many thousands of dollars. The factory 80 micron screen has proven incapable of capturing all the contaminates that can cause this, so Exergy developed this improved design to capture debris up to 25 microns. The 2 layer, double wrapped, stainless screen is the way that Exergy does this. This design will not tear or delaminate like the factory screen, and will protect fuel system part up stream to save you money. The new design will capture more debris, causing the truck to shut down sooner, creating less damage and downtime in the process.

**Additional processing time may occur**


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