Banks 64312 Pedalmonster Kit With Idash 1.8 Supergauge



The Banks Pedalmonster Kit with Idash 1.8 Supergauge is the perfect way to upgrade your truck and get more power and performance. This kit is easy to install and is waranty friendly, leaving no footprint. It’s powered by +12V via OBD, not a low-overhead 5V circuit, and has City, Sport, and Track modes with 10 sensitivity levels. You can control and view activity in real-time via the iDash and mobile app, and it also features ActiveSafety┬«, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim. Low-Speed Trim controls how fast sensitivity is added at slow speeds, so you can tailor it to your driving style. Get the Pedalmonster Kit today and feel the difference!

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